(19 categories in total)

People, Culture and Talent (4 awards)
1) Best Workplace Diversity
2) Emerging FinTech Leader of the Year (under 35)
3) Female FinTech Leader of the Year
4) Outstanding FinTech Leader of the Year (can be from any field)

Growth Mindset and Global Perspective (2 awards)
1) Excellence in Establishing Market Presence: Global
2) Excellence in Industry Collaboration & Partnerships

Excellence in Business (7 awards)
1) Excellence in Business Lending
2) Excellence in Consumer Lending
3) Excellence in Crowdfunding
4) Excellence in Payments (including Remittance/FX)
5) Excellence in Blockchain/Distributed Ledger and Digital Currencies/Wallets/Exchanges
6) Excellence in Insurtech
7) Excellence in Wealth Management

Support Services (1 awards)
1) Excellence in FinTech Support Services

Overall Categories (5 awards)
1) Emerging FinTech Organisation of the Year (company must be <2 years old)
2) FinTech Organisation of the Year
3) Deal of the year
4) Best partnership of the year (Fintech & Fintech, Fintech & Institution etc)
5) Biggest raise of the year